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What to Buy for a Baby Shower?

Maybe it’s the first of your friends having a baby, a cousin who is soon expecting or you’ve been invited to a work colleague’s baby shower. You can see the date of the upcoming baby shower on your calendar and keep thinking “what am I going to get?”

Before I had a child I also found myself in this position with no clue what to buy. Plus, everytime I looked in baby shops the clothes sizes just confused me! Since having my daughter I now know what makes the best baby gifts and it always comes back to the essentials. Essential baby items like bibs, singlets and muslin wraps. You can never have enough of these items!

Our latest ‘Sleeptime’ mum and baby gift box incorporates these essential baby items as well as something for mum.

This mum and baby gift box includes 7 items for only $35 including shipping! Mum-to-be will be impressed with this jam packed box of goodies and love that there’s something included for her too.

Save time, money and stress buying a baby shower gift and browse our range of mum and baby gift boxes here.