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Why Nappy Cakes and Hampers Make the Best Baby Gifts

Before I became a mum I would always struggle with what to buy for a new baby. My go-to baby gift would be clothing, usually a cute dress for a baby girl or a gorgeous outfit for a baby boy.

 Since becoming a mum I now realise what mums and bubs really need! Forget the cute little baby outfits and dresses! Although adorable they are just not practical and hardly get worn. Most of them are awkward to put on baby because they have annoying buttons at the back, are difficult to get over their head or are made of uncomfortable fabric. To get your wriggly, unsettled baby into these clothes presents another challenge! I still have a pile of little dresses that my daughter never even wore for these exact reasons. So next time you’re out shopping for the next baby gift resist the urge to buy that oh so adorable sailor outfit!

 So what would new and expecting mums really appreciate as a gift you ask?

 From experience, here’s my list of practical baby gifts that will definitely be appreciated by parents:

 1.       Nappies! Did you know that on average newborns go through approximately 10 nappies a day!? That’s 280 in a month and 840 nappies just in the first 3 months. You can never have enough!

2.       Wash cloths- these are another essential item that I used as a burp cloth or to wash bub during bath time. They also came in handy at meal times to clean baby’s messy face and hands.

3.       Muslin wraps- this is a multi-purpose item used to wrap baby and also used as a light blanket. I also used muslin wraps as a pram cover to shield the sun out of baby’s eyes or to reduce outside distractions to help them fall asleep in the pram.

4.       Socks- Even as adults we’re forever losing socks. This becomes even worse for babies who’s socks always slip off when they’re wriggling around while you’re changing them or when they’re in the car seat or out and about in the pram.

5.       Onesies- Babies pretty much live in these for the first 3 months or more. They are easy to put on babies as they don’t need to go over their heads to put them on, they can be pulled down if there happens to be a poo explosion and the ones with the zips make changing quick and easy- no push studs or buttons to contend with! Basically, a onesie means fewer items to put on a squirmy, crying baby. A win in my books!

 So what’s the perfect gift to take to a new mum when you’re visiting them in hospital or to bring to a baby shower?

 Nappy cakes! Our nappy cakes include these essential items and are presented in a beautiful way that makes an impressive and memorable gift. We use only the best quality items in our nappy cakes and they can be customised to suit the baby’s gender or baby shower theme. They also create stunning centrepieces at baby showers and complement the baby shower décor.

 View our customised nappy cakes and hampers or browse our shop to find the perfect gift for a new or expecting mum.